There is a new generation of caterers in the Tri-City area of North Carolina and they are changing the ever-evolving culinary world. If you haven’t heard of Redplate Catering then you will soon enough.

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Born and raised in Detroit, Owner/Operations Director Chef Ron Hobbs journey to the kitchen is unlike any other. He is a prime example of a professional who has decided to pursue his passion and completely change his career direction. After receiving his Bachelor’s Degree for Business Administration with a concentration in Contract Management, he served as a Contracting Specialist for The U.S Army.

During his 20 years of travels around the world, he tried many different cuisines, learning about local spices and wines. While stationed in Europe, he realized his calling while cooking for his Army brethren on the weekend. Upon his retirement in 2011, he decided to officially trade contracting for cooking.


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It’s hard not to be intimidated by Head Chef/Co-Owner Percy “PY” Yon’s cooking style. Being the oldest of four siblings, he learned early in life that he had a deep passion for cooking while serving his family. If asked about the ingredients of a dish you are raving about, his response in always “I put a little love in it”

From his mother kitchen to cooking up hairstyles for over 20 years as the Head Stylist/Owner of Salon E320, Percy has always proven himself to be a remarkably talented businessman. Famous for his long dreads and devotion to sustainable and local ingredients in his cooking, chances are if you live in Raleigh/Durham or its surrounding areas, you’ve already tasted one of his dishes. The only thing wider than Chef Yon’s range of cooking is his heart.